Greater Houston Wastewater Program

Houston, Texas


Responsibility: A 5-year $1.2 billion program to control wet weather overflows in the City’s sanitary sewer system.


Construction Cost: $8.5 million


Project Description: The program consisted of approximately 430 projects involving construction of relief sewers, sewer rehabilitation, new or upgraded pump stations, and wet weather treatment facilities. RBI personnel were involved in the Construction Management multiple projects with contract values ranging from under $1 million to over $7 million. They managed a team of resident engineers, inspectors and design consultants and testing laboratories for sewer, water and pump station projects.

Construction Management Services provided included the following:

  • Conduct pre-construction meeting after contract is signed and executed.

  • Conduct monthly progress meetings.

  • Prepare Cost/Progress Reports to monitor EPA/TNRCC deadline of December 31, 1997.

  •  Review and process submittals, Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Price (RFP)

  • Resolve disputes and claims, review and negotiate change orders for changed conditions.

  •  Monitor construction for compliance.

  •  Maintain communication with the contractor, design and City staff.

  •  Prepare and process monthly pay applications.

  •  Authorize payments to contractor, design consultants and testing laboratories.

  • Respond to citizen/customer complaints and deal with neighborhood representatives during the entire duration of the project.

  • Construction traffic control per plans and specifications including providing access to   private owners and businesses at all times.

  • Coordination of underground utility construction with the utility companies.

  •  Maintain “As-Built” drawings.

  •  Prepare closeout documents and Request for Council Action (RCA) for accepting the project.

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