Janisch Relief Sewer and Lift Station Expansion

 Houston, Texas


Construction Cost: $1.3 million


Project Description: Remove and replace 2300 LF of existing sewer with 8-inch to 24-inch diameter sanitary sewer in several neighborhood streets and design of a new 2.53 mgd lift station and force main to handle the wet weather flows.  The project was located in a residential neighborhood in close proximity to a school and full access to the school at all times was a primary concern during the design and construction.

Services Provided: RBI was the prime consultant and was responsible for all aspects of design on this project.  RBI performed alternative analysis and presented the viable alternatives to the City and recommended the best alternative.  A review of the hydraulic modeling results revealed that a segment of the sewer was under capacity and needed upgrading.  Options such as sewer rehabilitation by cured-in-place lining, sliplining, pipe bursting, remove and replace, parallel sewer and abandon existing sewer etc. were all considered.

The alternatives analysis and value engineering identified the viable options and recommended the lowest cost option to the Technical Review Committee.

RBI managed the surveying and performed the preliminary engineering and the detailed engineering design.  RBI managed the Phase I Environmental site assessment and addressed permit issues as the microtunneling effort crossed under a bayou under the jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Harris County Flood Control District.  The microtunneled crossing replaced a siphon crossing under the bayou that was causing substantial problems.

RBI also designed the traffic control plan and addressed all issues relating to coordination with the various other City and State agencies.  Services provided during the construction phase included progress meetings with the contractor, review of shop drawings, preparing responses to requests for information and periodic site inspections.

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