Infiltration and Inflow Correction in the Sims Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant Service Area

Houston, Texas

Construction Cost: $3.1 million


Project Description: Sewer condition assessment and rehabilitation to correct inflow and infiltration in Sims Bayou Service Area.  The sewers ranged from 6-inches to 42-inches in diameter.  Pipe bursting, remove and replace, point repairs and lateral replacement were used for rehabilitation.

Services Provided: As prime consultant, Ratnala & Bahl, Inc. (RBI) performed engineering design to correct all confirmed inflow and infiltration source defects in the Sims Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant Service Area and manage the construction effort required to accomplish this.  The design effort began with a review of the confirmed I/I leaks (from smoke test and dye flood test reports) and the TV inspection tapes and reports (internal television inspection of the sewer and simultaneous dye water flood testing of the I/I source defect) and culminated with the recommendation of the best, most cost-effective repair to correct the I/I source defect (including rehabilitation of the mainline from manhole to manhole if necessary). This effort included the design of repair methods to correct lateral leaks located under an open ditch that would be resistant to future ditch cleaning and grading efforts.


More specifically, the project included 12,370 linear feet of pipe bursting of 6" to 12" diameter sanitary sewers, 2,900 linear feet of sliplining of 8 and 10 sanitary sewers, 5,900 linear feet of pipe removal and replacement of 6" to 10" diameter sanitary sewers, 60 point repairs/obstruction removals, 665 replacement of sanitary sewer service connections, 9,500 linear feet of replacement of sanitary sewer service laterals 4" to 6" in diameter, installation of 365 service cleanouts located at the right-of-way/property line, sealing of 100 pipe annuli between the host pipe and polyethylene pipe in manholes of previously sliplined sanitary sewers, removal and replacement of 3,090 linear feet of storm sewer  15" to 42" diameter, building of 4 new manholes, and providing wall sealing, bench and invert work for 90 manholes.  This engineering services contract also included construction management of the rehabilitation effort, which corrected a total of approximately 500 I/I source defects.

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